Reduce the number of lines in a table DAT

I try to use a set of points from a site that has geological data.
The field is split into little squares with x y and height.
I put them into a table DAT.
But there are way to many points.
Is there a way to only use every n-th row in this table?

In a Select DAT, set Select Rows to be “by Condition”. In the Row Select Condition, put:

me.inputCell.row % 4 == 1

That will give you every 4th row starting with the second row. Adding that as an example in OP Snippets for the next Official build we post.

Thank you.
Not exactly what I need though.
I have a table with a lot of values. It comes from a grid of 200x200 values (rows 0 - 199).
I want to reduce this to a grid of say 21x21.
So I need row 0,9,19,29,39,49,59,69,79,89,99,109,119,129,139,149,159,169,179,189 and 199.
How would I get about this?
I could not figure that one out with this python equation.

If you convert the table into a CHOP with datToCHOP, a stretchCHOP can achieve such interpolation rather easily. In your case, you may need to use two of them with a shuffleCHOP in-between to do each axis individually.

There could also be an argument for instead working in TOP space–performance, direct pointcloud import–depending on how much processing is done on the data and how often.

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Thank you.
That is a lot harder than I imagined, but it works.
For now only on one axis, but I keep trying.