reducing value range

Hello !

I am currently trying to change the aspect of my geometry reacting to an audiofile.
As the shape of my geometry is generated by a noise CHOP, I would like to synchronize the kick of a song to change the value of the seed from the noise CHOP, value by value.

Currently, my audio data from the kick is filtered so as to keep the low frequencies of the kick and I then use an analysis CHOP to get the maximum values.

My problem is : When i enter this formula : op(‘analyze1’)[‘chan1’].eval() in the seed value of my noise CHOP, the seed is changing too much. I only need it to change each beat.

I don’t know if I was clear enough. Is there by any chance someone willing to give me an orientation to solve this problem ?

Thank you in advance

The audio analysis tool (from the palette) can help you detecting beats. You can also use a count chop that would increment only when your channel reaches a certain value.

i have the same question…

when you output chop (music ) to values , it changes like i million times a second …

how can you soften that input (like transform it in a soft sine wave per second ) … any tutorial or example about it?

i mean im using audio analyze but i havent fully understand it.

Thank you very much my problem was solved ! :slight_smile:

To make this basic beat reacting device you can link your audiofilein chop to a filter to capture the frequencies that interest you (low frequencies for a kick or bass, very high frequencies for hi hats for exemple). you link that to a audioanalysis, then you link to a math chop.You can then change your interval to a 0 to 1, to make sur that the peak of your frequencies reach the value 1. now you can link to a count value (I disabled timeslice) and finally a null to export your chop parameter. this works better if you manage to really isolate the frequency range that is the most interesting for you…