Referencing a Table DAT cell

This seems like a stupid question but I’ve searched the wiki and can’t find an answer. I want to reference cell 0,0 of a Table DAT in the file path of an Audio File In CHOP. Is there a bit of T Script I can put in the filepath parameter that will get the text from that cell and put it in there?

You should use the Python versions of scripting. If your table was named table1 you could use the following:


op() is a function to call operators by path. In this case I assume they’re in the same network. [0,0] are the co-ordinates of the cell you want. Then you want to access it’s value you call the .val member.

Also make sure the parameter is set to expression mode, which you can get to by click on the parameter name, then you’ll see 3 squares next to the value after it drops down, the blue one is the one you want to click then type your Python expression.


Thanks so much for the detailed reply!

Found this thread via web search and wanted to add, for posterity:

[0,0] First index is the row, second is column

op('table1')[0,0].val Appears to return the value as a string

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Thanks for pointing this out!

For those trying to reference tables containing integers and not strings, you can just omit the .val. So op(‘table1’)[0,0]

More info can be found on the Derivative site under Cell Class