Remote Controlling Touchdesigner from iOS devices

I’ve always missed the old TouchDesigner remote for iPads. I found it easier and more versatile than creating custom interfaces for TouchOSC, but it hasn’t been available for years. It occurred to me a while back that all the features necessary to create a new remote control system already exist in TouchDesigner… all I had to do was write the iOS client. Basically, I created an NDI receiver for iOS that sends back TUIO and on the TouchDesigner side for full multi-touch control, made a little TOX that can export any Container COMP to my client. I’ve uploaded a quick demo of it working here:

I’m considering releasing this publicly, but in the meantime, if anyone is interested in trying it shoot me a message and I can send you a link to the beta app that you can download to your device.


This sounds like great idea. I’d defiantly be interested in trying the beta.

I’m not that experienced with TouchDesigner, but would like to know more about your solution. I’m curious.

Sounds good! I’ll send out links in a day or two!

Getting ready to send out links to the beta download, but here’s the necessary .tox file as well as an example that uses it.

TMoteExample.toe (292.5 KB)
TMote.tox (4.3 KB)

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Great thanks for sharing this :+1:t2: looking forward to trying this later

hi michael
wow, that sounds like a great thing, miss the old touch app for ios (even if it wasnt that stable…)
so, i would be more than happy to get hands on if possible!
thank you

Hi Luca,
Sounds good! I’ll send you a link to download the beta directly!

hi michael
sorry for my late reply to the first test with your awesome app, was for a week away so…
to say, it worked very nice on the first look, now that im back i will test more next week!
many thanx for creating this!
best luca

hi mji,
That’s sounds really great Idea!
I would like to test that too.

hi michael
as feard, to many things beside touchdesigner and tmotea nd swoosh, the betatime is gone…
will you release it soon, at what price?
i really loved it the few time i could use it! i tried it also on my iphone 12mini, where it worked like a charm too! what would be nice if the menubar at the buttom would go away and for example with an swipe it would come up, otherwise it obscures the display to much…
anyway, great tool, and i want it! :slight_smile:
best regards and sorry for my poor beta-testing!

Hi Luka,
Apologies for the slow response! I had intended to release it prior to the expiration of the beta build, but my day job has gotten in the way and there are still a few issues i’d like to work through with it! I plan to at least get something out in the next week or so. Thanks again for helping test and for the feedback!

hi michael
thats very cool to hear! looking forward to it and…
so many thanks for it!
best regards luca

Love it, I’d also give it a go. Definitely need more software engineers around.

Hey Michael,

Have you already released the beta by now? Would love to try it out on my iPad!

Kind regards,


Not quite but I’m going to make an effort to get it out there next week. Encountered a few issues with accuracy on small GUI elements (some of which may be on the TD side), but it probably works well enough to be useful for now!

Hey Michael,

Awesome! Would you share the beta with me? Looking to try it out in the coming days.

My regards,


Updated beta available. Fixes a few small issues. I’ll submit this one to the app store proper unless some major issues are uncovered in the next couple weeks. In the meantime, if anyone else wants a link to the beta let me know!

Hi Luca,
I totally didn’t notice your feedback about the menu bar at the bottom. I agree it takes up a lot of space on smaller devices. I’m definitely open to implementing a hide feature, but I’m not sure what gesture would be intuitive for it to reappear… any thoughts? Swiping up is already a system gesture, so i can’t use that. Everything I can think of would potentially interfere with any remotely controlled panel. Perhaps a small icon in the lower corner that would expand when touched?

hi michael
nice tmote is back! i could restart the application with new beta-time, great!
but… i cant connect to any source, cant even see them as source, i have diffrent ndi-viewers on my handy and they work, so network-issues can be ruled out… any clue?
regarding the menu-bar, let me think about it when i use it again! :wink:
best luca