Removing donut shape in geometry

Hi, I am having a problem connecting my image in attribute create to geometry which seems always to be that donut shape, if anyone could advise I’d be grateful, thanks.

The torus surface op is inside Geometry component by default, and to replace the donut/torus shape you should single click and drag a connection wire from your attribute create operator and then press tab to open the operator menu and then select the Geo-comp.

Thanks for taking time to reply. But I did that and the geo box can’t connect with thread to attribute create box because there aren’t any bars to connect to. I think that’s why I can’t change tours shape to my desired image.

see both posts below which explain the exact steps of two different methods of linking SOP output to a Geo COMP

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Hey bud, I had a similar problem which is now fixed. Was pulling my hair out!!! Thanks for the comments