Render CubeMap issues


When I render de scene in CubeMap mode, no node works after that, and show the error messenge: "“imput 0 must be a 2d texture”

After render I need to use a Crop and an output for a projector with the Windows…but nothing work.

Someone know how to fix that?

Hey @Aval

I gave it a try on my end and didn’t hit any issues.

The Render TOP set to cube map cannot go to a crop TOP because it is not actually a 2D texture.

Can you please share your file and explain what you are trying to achieve?

Can you also share the specs of your machine, and make sure that your GPU drivers are using the latest version available.


No need to change your driver in this case, this is all expected behavior. If you want to get the cubemap into a format that can be cropped, you need to convert it to a 2D texture. You can do this with the CubeMap TOP, which can convert it to a vertical cross 2D texture.