Render flag and toggle for geometryCOMPS should be linked

For the geometry COMP there is a separate render flag and toggle which doesn’t make sense and can lead to some confusion.
ie both must be enabled for geometry to be rendered (Boolean AND)
while either can be disabled to stop the rendering of that geometry(Boolean OR)

Shouldn’t these be coupled or bound to each other?
Same for light COMPs.

Would like to piggy back on this thread and say that it is somewhat confusing probably to newcomers trying to figure out why something isn’t showing up in their render. Are the dot toggles in the bottom right more of a legacy thing?

I use the render toggles 90% of the time since I can link then with binds or expressions etc… they end up being a lot more useful I think… However, there are times in the network where I select a bunch of geo comps and toggle the purple render toggle just for testing something and it is convenient for that I must say…

One other thought about light COMPs - there doesn’t seem to be a way to toggle their effect on a render with out manually removing them from the lights field… would be nice if there was a way to toggle their contribution or visibility to the renderer with out disturbing complex render scenes.

just another though to add on!

Well, it’s boolean AND in both cases. That is, boolean AND to decide if something should be rendered.

The idea behind them is that the Render flag (the circle) is meant as a coarser control. If you know for a fact you never want to render something, you can leave that off. If you potentially want to render it you’d have that on, but have the Render Parameter off instead. The render parameter can also be exported to etc, while the flag can not. It’s much faster to change the Render Parameter during playback then it is to change the Render Flag.
I optimize around this. For example I don’t allocate GPU memory and upload geometry from SOPs who have their Render Flag off. Ones that do will have their GPU memory prepped so that we can quickly start rendering them if the Render parameter flips on.

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woa! didn’t know this about the two. that’s quite useful :slight_smile: