Render out Movie intervall

Hey there I’m trying to get Touchdesigner to render out movies in an interval. I want touchdesigner to save out a new mov. or mp4 all 5 min, so I have a folder full of 5min long videos.

To be more precise I try to put different people in front of a webcam than the footage is supposed to run through a few filters and get rendered at the end, as soon as the next person stays in front of the cam or presses a button de video is supposed to be saved out. I hop i explained the situation at least somehow precise.

Best wishes and thy for any answer

Hey Mr.PufPuf, you can use a Moviefileout TOP, using the default expression you can change the N value in the parameters. Then trigger record to save your file. You can setup movie format and Codec as well from the parameters.

TOPmoviefileout.toe (4.3 KB)

Hey, thanks for the replay but my goal is to set that process automated so it triggers the N value and record every minute.