Render remains black


I have a problem. When I load a project file from the web, for example from Noto The Talking Ball, the rendered file remains black. I don’t change anything in the project, and have the same version of TD as the file was made in. See the screenshot for what I mean.

I have no idea what causes this, as it is not due to the project itself (it works fine for others). What could cause this?

Sharing the file and the specs of your system would help. Also which build are you using?

Hi Ben. Thanks for your reply.

I am using 2021.13610. As a new user I can’t share the file… Although, like I said, for others opening the file, the render is perfectly fine. This happens to me not just for this file, but for all files containing a render. The light just doesn’t seem to work…

Specs of my system:

MacBook Pro 2019, MacOS Big Sur version 11.4
1,4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 1536 MB

So annoying that I can’t even post links. But on Youtube, find “Infinite Looping Torus in Touchdesigner (터치디자이너 튜토리얼 자막)” , there you find the project I am talking about. Here you can see, and in the description find an example of a project which doesn’t render well for me. But as said, it is not a problem with the project file, that works fine for everyone else

To all with the same issue, I found that the TouchDesigner.2021.13830 version solves the issue.

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Yes, 13830 was a temporary build to try the fix for those in that bug thread, but if you update to the latest Official 2021.14360 on the download page you’ll find this is fixed.