Rendering a rectangle in front of (over) a texture?

Hi there,

Still discovering TD, I’d need to draw a rectangle (only edges) in front of (over) a texture (from a TOP Generator, I mean)

Basically, in Max, I used to place a whole texture in the background, and to render a mesh with only 4 vertices as a quad and voilà.

I’d like to know how to do it with TD.

Thanks a lot.

Rectangle TOP and Over TOP

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Like @nettoyeur points out, you can use a rectangle TOP - the input can do the compositing for you:

Another technique that’s all based in 3D would be to render your texture on one quad, and render a second geometry with a line material on top over the other rectangle:

This would give you an outline that’s always on top of your rectangle.

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@nettoyeur, @raganmd, thanks a lot.
The second technique reminds me the in jitter. We were using it a lot like that “kind of texture visualizer in opengl jitter world” to display textures and draw 3D rendering results over it.

Thanks a =gain I totally got it.
I like the style rectangle TOP fed by the other TOP itself. Very smart.