Repeat 4x1 TOP to fill 256x256

Hey. This seems like a simple task, at least on CPU, but I want to accomplish it using TOPs on the GPU.
I have a pattern of 4 color constants 1x1 that I arranged in a Layout Top resulting in a 4x1 TOP.
Now I want to repeat this pattern continuously along each row so I have a 256x256 in the end.
There should be no discontinuation of the pattern at the end of each row. The next row should continue where the previous left off.
I practically want to “pack” this simple pattern into a higher resolution texture.

I tried point repack, but it cannot repeat, it just fills the missing values with zero. The transform TOP with scaling and repeating also seems to handle cases with squares only, but I have a 4x1.

I assume this would be simple GLSL. But I cannot yet wrap my head around it…

Any hints would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Crop TOP should be able to do this