Replace Line Breaks from Table Dat with Space


I’m looking for a way to remove line breaks from a text dat.
I have a setup that loads a new cell (containing a sentence) from a Table DAT into a Text DAT whenever a counter goes up. Then this text is loaded into a Text TOP with a timer in between to create a typewriter effect.

So far it seems to work, but I want a continous text and not a new line per new cell that’s added.
Can I somehow substitute the line breaks with " "?

I tried a substitute DAT but couldn’t get it to work as I also didn’t really know what to write in there.

Hey @muddagoddess,

the convert changes the Text DAT to a Table DAT, append a Merge after and select Collapse Columns from the “How” parameter also specifying a space " " in the “Concatenate with” parameter.

Hope this helps

Yes that’s it! Thank you!
It’s funny, the solution is always so simple, but if you don’t exactly know what you’re looking for, these small problems feels like an unsolvable riddle

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Hi @muddagoddess,

that is true - there is a lot to discover but eventually it becomes second nature :slight_smile:


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