Replicating containers - but can't display them as instances in a Geometry COMP

Hi there!

I’m trying to get a grasp on the replicator COMP, and it seems like it’s a wonderful way to create lots of variation. I’m interested in laying all those variations out in a grid, and I’ve been able to do that with replicating a single operator. However, this limits the type of variation I can create (e.g. if I’m replicating a rectangle, I can only vary the parameters in the rectangle operator – I can’t turn it into a circle or display a noise). The solution to this seems to be grouping operators together in a Container COMP. (Let me know if this is the wrong approach.)

Now, with the help of a table DAT, I’ve created lots of containers with variations between them as a ‘proof of concept’. But here’s the problem – I can’t get them to display in a Geometry COMP (which is how I’ve been able to display my replicated rectangle operators in the past – again, if I’m on the wrong path, I’d love to know.)

In the Geo COMP, my ‘instance textures’ is set to ‘container_*’ and I’ve also set a ‘texture index’ (counting from zero to the number of containers I have – not sure why this is necessary, but my other networks don’t work without it.)

I feel like I’m getting really close to a technique that can yield a lot of interesting outputs, but I’m stuck on this step! I’d appreciate any suggestions or hints!

replicator with containers.toe (12.3 KB)

Have you looked at the Snippets for Replicator? - there is an example where each replicant can be a copy of a different master.

Thank you for the reply @greg ! That’s a helpful snippet for sure. However, I thought I reduce some complexity by putting all the variations inside the container and then having the (somewhat) randomly generated output be used as a texture in the geo.

Anyway, I managed to get the ‘instance textures’ to show up by referring to them differently. I was writing container_*, but I had to refer to the output operator inside the container. So container_*/out1, in my case.