Replicator callback too fast?

I noticed that if I replicate a container with a network inside, even if it’s not too complex, and I want to set some parameter of operators that are inside the network of the replicated OP, the callback fail to modify the parameters. It seems to me that the callback call the action before the replicated object is fully created.
Did you ever noticed this kind of behaviour?

The callbacks should be done after all copying.
However, because it’s a replicator, they may be replicated at different times, erasing your changes.

Better approach would be to use the same expressions inside each replicator that evaluates to something different.

Look at the first example of Replication in Operator Snippets.
Note how it used ‘me.digits’ in the expression to have a unique value for each movie file parameter.


Thanks a lot! I’m doing experimets to learn the better way to do the job, but in Touchdesigner there are so many way to do the same thing!