Replicator Engine Comp will crash

I recorded error prcoess about this.

Here leave dmp file, hoping can help to fix the program
TouchEngineCrash.2022.24200.6.dmp (544.9 KB)

Hi - please could you try with the latest release, and if you still encounter the problem there, a .toe and .tox which demonstrate the problem would help tremendously. If you don’t want to post them on the forum, e-mail to and mention this forum thread.


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over here, I summaried three situation, please check it out (412.7 KB)

Thanks for the detailed example.

It looks like you’re running out of memory. We’re working to reduce the base amount of memory each TouchEngine instance uses, but currently it’s quite substantial - and of course there is no avoiding the memory used by what you are doing in each instance.

We can possibly improve the reporting around this so it’s more obvious what’s going on in some cases - however the real solution will be increasing the amount of physical memory available, and cutting down the amount of memory used by each replicated component - whether that’s running in TouchEngine or not.

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Thank your reply! and I’m wandering what and how I can check their amount of physical memory available and memory used by each replicated component.

Here I screenshoted this process information of the three component.

load componet directly:

load external file:

load engine file:

I’m afraid there’s not much built in you can use to track the amount of memory used. Windows Task Manager will show you how much TouchDesigner and each TouchEngine process is using (expand the arrow to the left of TouchDesigner in the list of processes to see the TouchEngine processes).

You can use the OP Find DAT in your engine process, point it to the COMPs/OPs you are interested in, turn on the columns for CPU and GPU time / memory, and push the DAT back to the main process.