Replicator in clone bug

Replicator has issues in a cloned base. In the attached example, press play and then click the button to clone the base with the replicator. If it works try deleting the contents of the cloned base and try again. The cloned replicator doesn’t always make the connections.

clone_replicator_issue_2021_11180.toe (4.7 KB)

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Only way to “fix” this is to find the replicator children of the cloned base and replicate them with at least one frame delayed from the clone.“op(’ " + replicator.path + " ')”, delayFrames=1)

Hey @donaldr

Thanks for the report.

Apologies for the delay.

Unfortunately, I just gave that a try and was not able to reproduce after multiple attempts.

I compared by loading your file in 2021.11180… Deleting the content of the base and pulsing the clone button always clone as expected.

Can you maybe give more details?