Replicator: `Recreate All Operators` to invoke `onRemoveReplicant` before replicating again

Example scenario:

I am updating a custom parameter list with the parameters of every replicant.

The replicants are based on a file list. If I remove a file it removes the replicant, and I delete the corresponding parameters in onRemoveReplicant that were previously added by onReplicate.

If I hit Recreate All Operators already existing replicants parameters are added to my parent since onReplicate is called on them once again, creating duplicates and mayhem.

I would expect the replicants to gracefully destroy via the onRemoveReplicant callback before replicating again. This would also be consistent since onReplicate is called as well.

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I agree with this assessment. Putting this in the bug queue. Only workaround I see at the moment is to store a list on creation and refer back to it to determine what’s new when onReplicate is called.

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