Request: a Bevel/Round Corners SOP

It would be great if we could bevel or round edges of a SOP with a slider for bevel depth/distance, and bevel/rounding shape or type. A lot of my geometry looks unrealistically sharp/perfect on the eges right now because it’s not rounded/beveled.

It seems the only workarounds are rather tedious: rounding edges on geometry?


so many plus ones. I think some staple mesh modification nodes would go a long way to making sops more robust. bevel is one, a simple extrude is another. things that mirror what we see in modern modeling packages to some degree, though non destructive.

This is no walk in the park in terms of development, but it would be really great to have!

+1 for adding SOPs for common 3D editing operations!

+1, would be great to have in SOPland… especially for how clients love things designed these days (rounded corners everywhere now)

+1 Yes please. This is the one:

Would options for rounded corners on the Rectangle and Box SOPs be useful as a start or do you mostly need a general solution for arbitrary meshes?


That would already be awsome! (At least for me).

I think this would be a great start.

Yeah there’s been a number of projects in the last couple years for me where cubes with rounded corners were needed. So, I’m sure that would be a good add if easy.

In general lighting IBL, and ambient occlusion just look so much better when there’s little edges that specular or shadow can play with. nearly any object in real life has a little bevel on it, and that plays into lighting realism a LOT.

We can fake it with a normal map baked from a high res sculpt or mesh in another software, but it’s a lot of extra steps and other types of overhead for something that could be nifty to have in the SOP realm.


Also note that the Divide SOP can convert a Box SOP to a cube with rounded corners:

make_beveled_cube_with_divide_SOP.tox (766 Bytes)


And another method to make a beveled cube:

use_Subdivide_to_make_beveled_cube.tox (774 Bytes)

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