Request: allow forcing monospacing on Text TOP

It would be useful if we could force monospacing on non-monospaced fonts on Text TOPs.

The use case is when displaying dynamically changing numbers (ie. timers, percentages, countdowns, etc) it would help with legibility as they wouldn’t shift around any more. Sometimes a monospaced font does not fit the art direction.


It’s a good RFE, not sure how easy that is to override and have it look decent when the font isn’t designed for that though. Perhaps the widest character in the set could be used for the width for every character, or something like that.

One thing I’ve done in the past that sort of works, but has it’s own limitations is to split the string there into what’s left of the decimal, and what’s right of the decimal, and anchor the decimal.

so things grow to the left, and things grow to the right. It’s a bit less jarring, but still not perfect.

Agreed it would look ugly for words, I’m really only thinking for dynamic number display.

The spacing could be set manually, wouldn’t need to be automated.

If you’re ok with doing it manually, in the upcoming Text COMP you can use formatting directives in your string to position each letter at a fixed spot e.g. 6{#offset(1,0)}7{#offset(2,0)}.{#offset(3,0)}5{#offset(1,0)}, etc

Right now, you could also use the Specification DAT option in the Text TOP (which will also be in the new Text COMP), and make a row for each number with a specific position.

Also, if you really want to dig into it, you could use a program like Font Forge to edit the spacing for the number characters in a font. But you may need to be careful there with what’s allowed by the licensing of the particular font you want.


O.o what is this text comp you speak of … intriguing

It’s a new panel component for drawing text in UIs that will replace the Field COMP in our next release. It has a lot for more formatting options and is resolution independent so it looks much better on high dpi screens.


Sounds super interesting! Looking forward