Request: Allow us to point an Engine COMP to a Base COMP instead of a .tox file

It would be cool if the Engine COMP could be pointed to a Base COMP instead of a .tox file, and it could be set to automatically reload when the Base COMP’s contents change.

Is this counter to the direction the Engine COMP is heading?

We would like to just let you jump inside an engine COMP and edit in realtime, that would be the ideal move instead of making you run around and reference stuff. Of course if that was possible cloning and referencing would likely come out of that as well. We are evaluating if this is even possible, at this point all we know is it’s not trivial to do. :sweat_smile:


I don’t suppose there’s currently a way to save a Base COMP to a .tox every time it’s edited (sort of like a Text DAT’s sync to file capability)?

You could use COMP.dirty to determine if it needs to be saved and montior that. I know some people have made tools that do this, but I can’t rememeber if they were shared in the forum or community.

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dirty is an incredibly useful member, there are some amazing components in the community that make use of it and have really inspired me. @elburz, @raganmd and @TimFranklin’s come to mind in particular.

I recently updated my Externalizer component to v3. It autosaves just the dirty toxes everytime you ctrl-s the project and keeps track of externalizations via COMP/DAT tagging. Hope it can be of use @matijaerceg!


the biggest problem with the dirty member is that extensions using file-synced textDATs will flag the COMP dirty if you externally edit the code in a text editor.

This is especially annoying if you have multiple instances of a COMP in your file, as they all will be flagged dirty, even though the tox itself is technically exactly the same

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