Request: HEX Support in Native Color Picker

Tools like Figma default to hex (#FFFFFF, etc.) for sharing color values between apps. From a development standpoint, it is much quicker to copypasta a hex value than write out individual rgb values.

If the native TD color picker:

Added support for inputting hex values, it would save a lot of conversion time.

I understand this something like this can be written as a component (something I may end up doing anyway), but this just seems like a function that’s more beneficial to include for everyone than not, being as popular as hex is (and it being present in virtually every other app’s native color picker).



Also make it work with or without the “#” when pasting.


+1 would hex


Even just the ability to paste a color code from clipboard would be amazing, no UI needed.

I made a little component since I’ll need to paste in a many hex colors this week. I still think this should be something TD can natively do though, I fully support this RFE. :pray:


hex_paster.tox (43.2 KB)

  • To use, select an OP that has pars colorr, colorg, and colorb, (eg. Constant TOP), write/paste a hex color code, and press the button
  • Can ingest hex code with or without # at the beginning
  • Checks if current selected op has a colorr par, otherwise shows an error
  • Only works on OPs that have pars colorr, colorg, and colorb
  • Uses code from Web colors & TOPs [hex ⇌ rgba]
  • feel free to remix/improve

@dylanroscover did you end up making something as well?


I wanted to bump this request. It is really needed for translating standard design files to TD. I am currently using chatGPT to convert for me into the 0-1 scale. You could have it pop out a python script to do the same but built in native UI support is really needed. I can understand how it could be problematic with how the current system allows you to bind to the R,G,B,A values independently.

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@matijaerceg I’m on another design-oriented project this week for a corporate client and ended up making a quick component. Better late than never, eh!?

hexler.tox (1.4 KB)