Request: LASER CUBE WIFI Official CHOP?

Hello Touchdesigner Team !

Owners of the USB Version of the Laser Cube could use the plugin over here GitHub - Wickedlasers/Laser_OS_TouchDesigner

But the Old USB version is discontinued and the WIFI + ETHERNET one is the final one, no more compatible with the old plugin.

I have contacted Wickedlasers about this and they told me that you people in the Touchdesigner team are already working on it?

How close are we to an ETA for the Laser Cube WIFI compatibility CHOP?

Is there a python3 DATs work in progress that could help users while we wait for the official OP in future updates?

Maybe this code can help ?

Touchdesigner support, That would be amazing…

I’m actually gonna have to make it work in less than a week, be it if it’s a custom python3 solution but it has to work…

Any help?

Thank you

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+1 support for this would be awesome!

Hi there! Thanks for the iniciative Dorian
Any news on this topic? I really want to try lasercube with TD, and I have the Wifi version

Thank you all