Request: Pane resizing edge wider than 2px


When hovering on the edge of a pane to activate the pane resize cursor, the area is currently only 2px wide, which is difficult to get without a relatively high degree of focus/patience, especially on a 4k monitor.

For reference, here’s how wide other resize edge areas are:

Windows 10 windows: 5px
Photoshop CC: 3px
Notepad++: 4px
Telegram: 5px

Even a 50% jump up to 3px would help, but I think 4 or 5 might be the sweet spot. If this meant that the pane edges themselves would need to be a couple pixels fatter, to make it work without a ton of reprogramming, I think that’d be a fine trade-off. Just my 2c.



Thank you for sharing the pixel measurements - these are very useful and interesting.

I’ve struggled many a time on my 4K monitors to resize panels and panes in Touch. Seems like the Touch GUI was really built around a 2000s-era resolution (1024-1920px width), and we’ve moved into higher res territory since then. Especially in terms of PPI: many laptops now come with 4k screens and those are usually packed into ~15". Would be great to see Touch become a bit more high-PPI friendly.