Request: Reorder taskbar title to say filename first

Right now, here’s what my instances look like in the Taskbar when running in editor mode:


It would be really cool if the filename came first so that I could tell which one is which at a glance

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I was with you until you said “While not running in editor mode”. If you are not in editor mode, every Perform Window has a custom name specified by the Window COMP.
Could you clarify?

Sorry, typo, I meant in editor mode. Hence the screenshot.

+1 this would be pretty handy for engine comps in the Task Manager, and multiple Touch instance setups. I’ve run into this problem a few times… not being able to keep track of things or having the literal name cropped and just having to guess. Really a drag when something freezes and you can’t figure out what task to force quit

this would bring TouchDesigner in line with many other applications which show the file name first, application name last:


Yes please!! Really hard to keep track of things with multiple instances open at once.