Request: Resize Parameter Panel to Current Tab

The Parameters dialog is always sized to fit the tallest and widest tabs, which leads to a lot of wasted screen real estate when using shorter tabs:

Elburz reported it as a bug in 2013, and it was supposedly going to be looked at, so I’m submitting this as a request.

Both the width and height should shrink, since real estate for Network/Wires/OPs is so important in Touch.


+1, I’d always love more real-estate especially when working on laptops. Maybe allowing the user the manually resize the parameter dialogue themselves and being able to “lock” it’s size? Then new users would always see bigger dialogues (although slightly less idea for real-estate, probably better for discoverability) but then more experienced users can “pin” their parameter panel size.

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Would be great to have this auto-resize.

versus the width jumping around all the time? For width, it would be like how the Parameter COMP width stays at the parameter-specified value even when you change the OP it points to… it doesn’t auto-size width.