Request: Show Parameters by Default on New Panes

Unless I’m missing something, when I split a network pane, currently, the Parameters are not shown, and I have to press P each time to show them.

Can we have a toggle in the preferences (or have it be default) that a new network pane shows Parameters by default?


just bumping this cause my P key is wearing out :keyboard:

It was added to our internal RFE list and we are currently experimenting with it to see how it behaves with many pane splits / less screen space.




@JetXS Is anyone actually working with more than 4-5 panes open at once? Most guys I know have two, maybe three open in production, on HD+ screen resolutions.

And resolution issues aside… it’s pretty safe to say we all use the properties viewer in network viewer panes more often than not; therefore, it seems like an excellent default to me.

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FWIW, I typically have between 3 and 4 panes open, each with Parameters open.

Any chance this might make it into an upcoming build?

The latest experimental should have it on by default, until the size of the pane becomes too small, in which case it is left off.


Is there a setting for it? I’m not seeing parameters shown by default in new panes.

If you start with a network in which the parameters are already displayed (P), then splitting automatically turns it off/on in the new pane, depending on how much room that new pane has.

I see now why I didn’t see it: The behavior your describe only happens when I use the top right arrow dropdown menu. I use the Alt+[ shortcut exclusively.

Can the behavior be added to:

  1. The Alt+[ and Alt+] shortcut method of splitting panes
  2. When a floating network pane is opened

Basically, it would be good to have this behavior to every new pane, no matter how it’s created.

Good catch. That behavior seems unintentional.

@rob any chance we could get this working on popup panes opened with Alt+[ and Alt+] in particular, as well as floating panes.