Request: Support for OpenCV's Oak-D Cameras

With Intel Realsense camera’s being discontinued I’d like to request formal support of Open-CV’s Oak-D camera system.

This camera essentially a replacement for the Intel Realsense, having the same chipset and serving the same purpose. Unlike the Realsense, the Oak camera’s can run AI models onboard.

This camera system has 2 monochrome camera’s for depth calculation, a 4k rgb cam, and the ability to run AI models directly onboard. It is programmed with python and built on top of OpenCV.

Oh and the next generation of the camera is being sold for around $149 (currently $89 with their kickstarter), so it is already gaining traction in the depth sensing Machine Vision world. Also OpenCv just announced it’s getting official Unity and Unreal Engine support, so they seem open to help bring support to different platforms.



These look amazing and like the perfect replacement for RealSense.


It would be excellent to get some sort of support

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Agree. Got one delivered today!

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