Request: Toggle for edge scrolling feature


When I’m dragging things across the network, it is typically because I am dragging a channel or an op for referencing (such as to a Select) to either a) another network pane or b) an op that is already visible in the same pane. As such, I have never needed to use the edge scrolling functionality of the network panes.

However, it has caused me unwanted panning. I have tried using it as a way to try to make the most of TouchDesigner since it is there, but I find that intentional use of it is not very satisfying either: The scrolling speed is rather jumpy and sluggish, and moving the op too far across to another pane makes that pane scroll instead.


Overall, it would be more useful to me to be able to disable edge scrolling altogether. I wonder if others feel the same way. Anyway, here’s an RFE.