Request: When splitting pane, center them to what was centered in the split pane


Currently, when I split a pane horizontally or vertically, the two new panes’ network view is oriented by the bottom left corner. This means they end up looking at the left or bottom half of the pane from which the split was invoked.

turns to

This is not optimal because most of the time I am hoping to keep the original pane’s network ops in view, and they are usually near the middle of the pane, not the left/bottom half.

It would be great if the two new panes oriented themselves to what was centered in the previous pane. Small but non-negligible QoL improvement.

should turn to


Fully agree

I’d like to add that this issue is particularly evident when using Alt + ` to maximize/minimize panes from a 2x2 layout because the alignment gets so shifted both vertically and horizontally. The effort spent re-panning the network cancels out the effort saved by using maximize.