Resetting MIDI Endless Encoders

I have a Native Instruments KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 keyboard with Endless Encoders.

I tried to send MIDI values to reset the Endless Encoders (to reset to default values with the push of a button), but it seems MIDI Out Chop doesn’t work with this device. Probably it is not possible to send Midi to this keyboards in general.

Is there a way to reset MIDI Endless Encoder (or even the device itself) with Touch? I hoped these endless encoders would make things easier…

If anyone has a recommendation for cheap, reset-able Endless Encoders, please let me know! (Behringer x-touch mini maybe?)

I have no experience with that particular midi device, but something I stumbled across a long time ago for the apc40 mk2 was that you have to send a particular system midi message that changes the way led feedback works.

Until I sent that message for “Ableton mode 1” or whatever it was called, I was unable to set colors and dials manually.

maybe something like this exists for your controller as well - but it’s also possible that particular model doesn’t support it. Just something to scan the manual for!

I also haven’t used that device, but 1) what Lucas said… scan the manual for a list of messages it understands. Usually this is in an appendix at the end. 2) test your midioutCHOP sending regular notes to make sure your output is actually getting to the device. You have to have the device set up properly in the MIDI Device Mapper Out Device and then set the CHOP to the correct Device ID.