Resize objects - Kantan Mapper

Hi everyone,

I have opened the Kantan Mapper in Kantan Window and created a rectangle, but I cannot select any vertex to resize it. What is happening?


What builds and OS are you using? Please make sure you are running the latest build as we fixed some bugs in Kantan over the past few months.

Touch Designer 099
Non-Commercial 64-Bit Build 2017.16620

OS: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

I have recently installed Touch Designer on this computer. I have followed all the instructions on Youtube`s channel.

Dialogs > Palette Browser
Tools> Kantam Mapper > Open Kantam Window
Create Quad

I create a rectangle.
I come back to " Select Keys and Handles/ Key Transform" but despite the four vertexes appeared with blue circles, I cannot select and move them to resize it properly.



Obvious question, but still : is your timeline running ?


Yes, I have tried when the timeline is running and when it is not running.


After creating rectange you should be able to select points immediately, no need to “change modes”. Maybe you are changing into wrong mode?

I’m having the same problem. After I create a rectangle, I can’t manipulate it.

Also when I change colour/rotation/scale from the menu, the values change, but revert as soon as I click outside of the menu.

TouchDesigner Non-Commercial:
099, 2019.33840

Windows 10 Pro:

Intel UHD Graphics 620

It works as expected in TouchDesigner 099 2019.20140. I’ve submitted a bug report.

It doesn’t work again with latest version 2020

Hi @omar86,

I don’t seem to have this issue in 2020.20625 - is this the version you are using? Are you on a mac, a pc and what are your system specs and driver versions?


I’m on two windows 10pc, one is a Dell XPS 13 9370 and the other is a self made pc…
Last version of 2019 works perfectly on both