Resolution being cached by feedback TOP

Version 2022.35320, when changing the render TOP resolution from 1280x720 to 1920x1080, if you have a feedback top further down the network with the resolution set to “use input” then it appears it is caching the former resolution. Only noticed when exporting a movie file, then went back and realized this was present across more than one of my networks.

Hi @noahlakeef,

this is most likely not a bug but the order of compositing in the feedback loop.

Let’s say you are using the Feedback TOP branch as the second input to a Add TOP, the Add TOPs “Fixed Layer” parameter is by default set to Input 2 meaning this is where the resolution for the Add TOP comes from.
Now your Feedback TOP get’s it’s initial frame from it’s input but every subsequent frame comes from the operator specified in the “Target TOP” parameter, which in my example would be the Add TOP and this one uses the initial resolution of the Feedback TOP - changing the resolution now has no effect as it will always come from the Feedback… and i realize how I’m creating a feedback loop in my explanation, hence here a picture:

either swapping the “Fixed Layer” in the composite, or changing the input order to it will circumvent the resolution being stuck in the loop.


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