RESOLVED: 2019.19930 Win 10 - Compute Shader set to 16bit float RGB or 32bit float RGB produces black


Seems the RGB format is broken in 2019.19930, see attached - works fine in 2019.33020 though, would love if you can fix the official branch!

computeShaderRGB.1.toe (3.7 KB)

Thank you!

It seems like 3 component textures aren’t really supported for imageStore/imageLoad operations. In the 30K series I’ve changed these textures to be backed by a 4 component texture so they work again. Change is too large for the 10K series though. For 10K you can just use a RGBA texture instead, it’ll be the same performance and memory usage as 30K since 30K is using RGBA internally anyways.

I see, yes I was curious to test if there was any performance difference, so, good to know.