RESOLVED: [ 2020.27390 - x64 - Win10 ] EngineComp - Resolution Limited to 16,384

Texture output of an Engine COMP is not limited by hardware, and is instead capped at 16,384 pixels, in either dimension.

Texture output of an Engine COMP is only limited by hardware capabilities.


I am working on a project, and we are creating a massive tile sheet of images, and have got things very optimized however we need to load new images / recreate the massive tile sheet of images on the fly, with no hiccups in the main thread.

Our tile sheet resolution is 32,640 x 32,400. I know this is a wild resolution, but it only cooks once and then allows us to reference a static texture that otherwise just sits on the GPU. It works perfectly for our use case given that we will have ample space on the GPU to spare.

I am not using a buffer of texture coming out from the Engine COMP, seeing as the node only cooks on demand. Really hoping that we can utilize the Engine COMP for this purpose!

Hey, can you tell me what GPU you are using?

Tested on both a GTX1080 and RTX 5000.

Outside of the Engine COMP, the same tox’s and ops work just fine on both cards, pushing textures at 32,640 x 32,40. Their max res is just above that, this is the clean multiple of 1920x1080 that fits.

Thanks, it looks like 16K is the max that DirectX allows for, which is how we communicate between between TouchDesigner and TouchEngine. So it looks like this is a hard limit for now, sorry.

Gotcha. Okay, I think we can work around this! Thanks so much for diggin into it, Malcom.

Happy Friday!