[Resolved] - [2021.11800] Socket.IO-DAT Headers not transported

It seems to me that the SocketIO DAT has a Header-Table-Input, but the header seems to actually not transported in the request to the server. The Key-Value pairs on a NodeJS-Server do not appear in the socket.request.headers or socket.handshake.headers objects.

It seems like that the table needs a “header”, so appending a second row suddenly sends the table as a header, but also the header of the table.

That is strange behaviour. Not sure where it could be going wrong. We’re just gathering key-value pairs from the first two columns in the table then passing those on to the websocketpp connection.

I’ll take a closer look soon, but in the meantime I’ve logged the bug internally.

This was quite a headscratcher but im simply feeding the server a unused pair of data which just gets ignored, so not a showstopper or anything.

Just did a quick test here with a single key-value pair and I had it come through successfully when I printed socket.request.headers. What exactly did you have in your input table to reproduce? Or can you reproduce with any input?

What socket.io version is your server?

Hoi Eric. Not sure what happend here. I just tested it with a clean setup and everything is running fine.

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