RESOLVED: 2022.21460 Notch TOP issue

Failed to load notch block file, either on pro or commercial license.
ver: 2022.21460 experimental

If you enable the environment variable TOUCHDESIGNER_NOTCH_LOGGING, then the Notch TOP will generate log files from the block and put them into a NotchLog directory next to your toe file; the log files should hopefully give some hint as to why it’s failing.

Thanks for your reply. I have tried to create TOUCHDESIGNER_NOTCH_LOGGING at Advanced System Settings, but not sure which value to choose. Could you please tell me more details? Thank you.

You can just set it to 1 like so:


Thanks again.
I can get NotchLog on 2021.15020 now.
But on 2022.21460 experimental, nothing appears in NotchLog folder.

Ah, my mistake sorry. No logging actually occurs until after the block is loaded.

Is it failing with every block, or a specific one?

Is every block. Even if I change PC, it’s still can’t work.

Try upgrading your CodeMeter runtime version to 7.40:

Hi @funique, just following up to see if changing the CodeMeter version helped or are you still having issues?

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Sorry for the late reply. I thinks it works fine now. Thank you!


I had the same issue and updating CodeMeter runtime also worked for me. Thanks Ben.