RESOLVED: [2022.22650] MidiIn stutter with values sent from midi controller

The MidiIn OP doesn’t follow well with the values sent from a midi controller. The values are received correctly and displayed in the midi monitor, but the OP doesn’t refresh correctly with these values.


This happen on all my midi controller, only with the knobs. I use keyboards as midi controller, and the keys are well tracked.
I’ve tested with other softwares and my controllers have no problems. This issue doesn’t appear on release 2021.16410.

I’ve tested here in an empty project, 2022.22650 on Windows 10

We’ve actually fixed some issues with input tracking just after that build.
We hope to post it early this week.

Thank you for this fast answer ! That’s reassuring. I will wait for that next build.
I hope being able to access it before Friday if I’m being honest.

Thank you again

The latest build (with loads of new features and fixes) is out now if you want to give it a try.


I’m on 2022.26590 / Win 10 and have the same issue.

MIDI runs smooth in the Device Mapper but stutters in MIDI IN CHOP, even after startup / restart of the machine. This never happened before…

Strange, the build I downloaded when Rob replied worked perfectly. I can’t acces my A/V computer as for now, but I will definitly check this when I can.

Thanks for letting me know. I hope there is a workaround… For the moment I have to check older versions to see which still works…

Ok, I could track down that the last version running MIDI on my machine is 2022.24200

I have a Novation LaunchControl XL, which I usually not use on this machine, so I did not notice. And I installed fresh MIDI drivers before, so maybe that’s the problem…

It’s still strange to me, that the Device Mapper runs fully smooth…

@rs3dtouch 2022.26590 should have fixed that performance issue, but unfortunately that build required you to toggle on Preserve Pulses. We posted a hotfix in this topic thread FIXED:Midi In CHOP not receiving - #15 by ben

Next week we should have a new Official build with that hotfix and lots of other stuff.

If you are still seeing this issue, let’s find out more about your setup. What framerate are you hitting, perhaps an example file etc. Does the MIDI In DAT work smoothly for you? (which is what the console in the dialog is build with btw)

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Thanks Ben, so I’ll will wait for the update (since I’m on PC)!

I just drop a single MIDI In Chop into a blank scene, no crazy setup, still does not work.

The MIDI In DAT 2022.26590 works interestingly! Hope you can track this problem down…

The Windows build is also in that thread, just scroll up further.

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28040 seems to run now smoothly with MIDI again, thanks!