RESOLVED: [2023.10130] GLSL + Upscaler = strange behaviour

An interesting bug appeared when i was testing an Upscaler from Experimental build 2023.10130.
One of two GLSL generators caused heavy rendering artefacts when i tried to upscale it.
Moreover, the artefacts remained in the viewport of the 1st GLSL node, even when another GLSL was connected to upscaler. Only one of two shaders caused artefacts.

CPU: Intel 13900K
Video: Gygabyte 4090
Drivers: Last version, Studio 537.58

Experimental_Upscale_Bug.4.toe (5.9 KB)


Thank you.


Thanks for the report.

This could be a driver bug. I can’t reproduce with the latest Game Drivers.

Or a 4090 issue.

Logging this internally to be tested on 40xx.


Your shader has two unintialized variables, ‘n’ and ‘q’, this will cause undefined behavior, which can change depending on how the GPU is used. I’m able to see similar corruption without the Upscaler active.