RESOLVED: Alembic index problem | 2018 b23470 win

added alembic file (generated in Houdini)
with 11 frames.

Unfortunately the time parameter have issues.
While I choose frame, the alembic geometry change only every 4 frames
and not one.

Keep the great work.
test2.rar (141 KB)

This is becasue the Alembic file was created at 24 fps in Houdini. If you change TD’s fps to 24fps you’ll find it changes on each frame.

Alembic Files do not actually have a concept of ‘frame rate’, their time frames are recorded in seconds which is why we made seconds the default units for the SOP.

Many (most) alembic files we’ve seen are output at 24fps because they come from traditional animation environments like Houdini and Maya. If you know the fps it was output with and want to fix controlling your alembic file instead of changing your global frame reate which would suck, you can use something like this.

me.time.seconds * me.time.rate/24

We are looking at ways to give easier control of this through parameters.

Hi ben thank you very much for the explanation
didnt know its not rightist forward to jump on the index frame of Alembic file.
still - the first frame exist along 3 units even when changing the rate to 24.

I`m still having hard time to play alembic file against to its textures.
Any recommend workflow ?

example can be found here :

Have you tried working with Ef eve ? They can export and have player:


Hello @barakooda ,

hope you do well!
Thank you for providing these examples!

I wonder: Will it be possible to interpolate between the “mesh-frames”
when slowing down the playback?

It sounds like it would be, but I don’t get it to work.
Do you have any experience with that?

All the best

Hi Stefan,
Sorry for the the late answer,
As far as i understand, generally, it will be possible to interpolate frames
only if they using same geometry.

If every " mesh- frame" is different, the concept of interpolation isn’t “trivial” anymore.
or in that case will not work.

if you do use same geometry every frame then it might be question to the dev team
or looking on the code of the alembic format api.
I never done it.

hope you are well