RESOLVED: Audio file out CHOP Crack - Live looping setup

hi everyone,

I noticed a crack sound at the end of audio files produced by the audio file out CHOP. At the end of the file there is a crack sound as it loops, am I doing something wrong? Is this typical of looping audio files? are perfect loops even possible?

To test I used an audio oscillator component for a constant beep. I’m using the “Repeat” Parameter on AudioFileIn, Shouldn’t this be a perfect loop? * I don’t think I hear this with the sonar beep default in TD

The crack sound is also audible when playing the file on loop in quicktime and vlc (it also appears on windows and mac) AND when I try to loop it in Audition

Maybe I am approaching this the wrong way. I am trying to build a simple live looper pedal setup using an AudioDeviceIn, AudioFileOut and a AudioFileIn set to resetpulse and loop. Maybe there is a way better way of doing this? the networks are attached as well as the audio file thanks!

Mac Os Sierra ver 10.12.6
Touchdesigner 2019.37030AudioFileOut_test.tox (7.8 KB) AudioFileOut_test.tox (7.8 KB)

Hi Jon, Could you change builds to Official, the 2019.37030 was an experimental build and one for the earliest in that branch, not recommended for continued work.

If the same thing happens with 2020.24520 then I’ll move this over to bugs and we’ll work on a fix right away.

Hey, Thanks, Ben! I just tried it out it on 2020.24520, it is still the same, I attached an info chop and it crackles when the fraction hits 1

Hi @jonsilveira94,
I looked at your file and discovered the problem. Since you are recording a oscillator steady tone, you must make sure the start and end values line up correctly otherwise you will always here a pop. In your case with the pop the start might be at the bottom of the sine wave whereas the end will be in a different place, so it jumps and gives you an audible pop.
In the example I attached, see how I used a Trim CHOP to trim the start and end points to the same value (approx). If you have this Trim CHOP out as .wav and reload it you’ll hear no popping.

AudioFileOut_test.1.toe (55.5 KB)