RESOLVED: AVB interface vs AUDIO interface

it is not possible to simultaneously use the LASER ANIMATION USB2AVB interface with my RME BABYFACE in one patch … im using the babyface to get “audio in” from an other app in the backround via internal routing form RME … this works fine …
now im activating the “audio out” CHOP via the AVB interface … immediately the audio in CHOP is getting quiet … as i trigger audio in on/off … the AVB interface is getting quiet …
so its not possible to close my chain an drive the laser …
am i’m wrong … or is it a bug … hope some can help …


td version 2019.18580 win10


Sollinger’s USB2AVB is a RME Digiface AVB - could this be the 2 RMEs stepping on each others toes in the routing matrix? Could there be a conflict between the device drivers?
Could you alternatively use something like:

to route audio from your other application instead of the secondary soundcard?

salue markus …

i know the re-packed USB2AVB … and this why i hoped that the both are running well together.

it doesn’t looks so … system wide both are running well … both are running also well when they are both open in two separated TD projects … but not in the same project, also not when they in the same .toe with different hierarchy and routed between thes levels …
so i thought it could be a bug and not a feature … :slight_smile:
is there a way to root/tunnel the AUDIO IN CHOP from on project to another open and running project?

i also thought about it and worked it out with
but it doesnt worked as i accepted …
i will try your recommendation …

kind regards from a cold & raining berlin my friend.

Hey Baha,

hm - are both running as ASIO? We don’t have RMEs here but could try with a bunch of MOTUs on Monday.

greetings back to you - It’s a real november (cold&windy) here!


vb’s cable did not work …
no routing to TD from the audio app …

or a touchplayer proj. routing the AUDIO IN to an independent open and running td project?
is this possible markus?
cause as i told … if the two audio interfaces runnig in separate projects everything work quite nice …

yeah, you could use a Touch Out CHOP / Touch In CHOP for that. Increase the Max Queue Size parameter if you get crackling…

I can replicate the ASIO issue and we are wondering if you can actually have multiple ASIO devices attached to the same process in general. This made me try running one card as ASIO, the other in Direct Sound mode which worked fine.


Just some more info on this: I found this arrticle

which seems to confirm that ASIO only supports one interface at a time:

Unfortunately (despite many requests from users), ASIO still doesn’t officially support multiple devices, so if you have several completely different models of interface with ASIO drivers, while all will appear in the list of available devices, you can only choose one at a time.

There is mentioning of using ASIO4All to get this working:


after a long studio night tomorrow i have a solution …
i will summarize the steps:

good to now … danke.

did not work for me …

works also fine … but the solution didnt get sharp edges on the laser output … looks like the is getting some data noise in the CHOP stream … but better than nothing … thanks for the hint.
so it is possible to use two different ASIO interfaces at the same time on two different parallel runnig TD runtimes … nice.

thats also what im tried as first workaround … but did not worked … cause:
the audio generator sw. supports only wasapi audio out … so the AUDIO IN CHOP dont get an audio stream via direct sound selection … only via asio selction …
so this was not a option …

now i figured out how to output the audio stream straight over the AVB interface and catch them up via the AUDIO IN CHOP and now works the AUDIO OUT CHOP also as accepted.
and et voila my TD works quit fine … and the laser rocks … :slight_smile:
now i have the problem that i cant output the audio stream over the speaker …
the solution … the headphone jack !!! … output the X/Y audio stream via jack input to the babyface and everythink is fine … loving it …

so its finaley not a bug it’s a feature … :grin:

liebe gruesse, meiner.

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