RESOLVED: COMP and MAT snippets cause TD to hang


I’m using build 2019.30550 on windows.

When I open the snippets browser and click on the COMP tab, TD drives its CPU core at full and becomes non-responsive (for at least 20mins, I gave up after that). The same thing happens when I try to access the Phong or PBR snippets in the MAT tab. Other operator snippets all seem to work fine, although I’ve not tested every single one.

Outside snippet mode, all of the COMPS seem to work fine (meaning I can add them to a network at least), as do PBR and Phong MATs. I’ve tried opening the snippets direct from their folders on disk, rather than through the help menu … the phong and PBR mat snippets hang, COMPS open fine.

Any thoughts about what might be causing this?



I can not reproduce this in 2019.30790 which is now posted.

Have you checked the date of your graphics drivers or updated them recently? What is the GPU on your system?

I’m using a GTX 1050, with the latest studio drivers (431.70).

The hardware I’m using at the moment is pretty old - and won’t be what I’m using in production - so if others aren’t having this problem, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Thanks for looking in to it though.


It should work on that GPU without issue.

I would recommend a full uninstall and reinstall of TouchDesigner. Definitely stop using 2019.30550 and move to 2019.30790 as we uncovered a critical bug in 30550 which was bad enough to remove 30550 immediately from the download page.

I’ve updated to 2019.30790 - which seems to have solved the problem!