RESOLVED: count CHOP randomly don't reset


I’m building this project for a theatre play where I have different bases for different scenes of the play.
I’m calling the bases one after another depending on the setlist, enabling to cook only the bases i’m using.
When I call a new base, right after enabling the cooking, I run a script contained in the base to initialize some values.
I have a random problem with counts CHOP which sometimes doesn’t get initialized and stay blank, causing error on the dependent operators because the output is undiffined (noneType).

Since it is random I don’t know how to fix it (maybe a problem of order of operations sometime?)
To initialize the counts I use:

op("counter1").par.resetvalue = 0

Any thoughts on how I could improve this would be welcome


I have just tested your script, and it works totally fine, as expected.
I wasn’t able to replicate the issue you are experiencing.

I think you’ll need to post your .toe file for reproducing the problem. It seems possible that the script isn’t executed for some reason, maybe you can check if that is the case and debug from there?

I see you did mention enable/disable cooking. There’s a pulse related bug that will be fixed in the next official - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=19622 - so that could also be the issue. We should have an official posted in the next few days.

thanks selina

I think it might be a problem from my side.
Even if the good values were selected in the select DAT, they were not pushed by default towards the moviefilein as this action was scripted in “onvaluechange”

my mistake :slight_smile: