RESOLVED: CPlusPlus TOP cook rate

Hi Derivative,

Filed this under bugs, since I’m sure this wasn’t the case before.

A simple CPlusPlus TOP will have a cook rate of 13-14 ms for me, regardless of anything happening in the custom C++ code. Tried it on multiple PC’s, Windows 10, TD version 2021.16410, x64.

Easy to replicate by compiling and loading the CPUMemoryTOP sample in a CPlusPlus TOP.

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Long cook times on TOPs in empty files arn’t always a sign that something is wrong. When your file is running at vsync some operation is going to need to eat up the extra ms to fill up the 16.6ms a frame takes. If you drop down a Hog CHOP, I expect that number on the TOP to drop down as you eat up the time elsewhere.
Usually those times are more useful when you file is under heavy load.

You’re right, adding a Hog CHOP indeed causes a huge drop in the TOP cook time.

Good to know, thanks!