RESOLVED: Did something happen to Camera custom projection matrix parameter in 2022 builds?


I maintain support for a github repo that provides unofficial TD implementations for some Looking Glass displays. I received a notification on Discord that the pipeline that generates the Looking Glass quilt wasn’t playing nice with 2022 builds. This was strange to me because we recently revisited the code in late 2021 to provide support for the portrait display.

I looked into it and it does appear that the custom projection matrix code that I wrote back in 2019 does not work in the new builds. It doesn’t throw any error messages but all of the cameras fail to render the scene. I replaced my code with the default code from the wiki about custom projection matrices and that seemed to work but of course the quilt was misaligned. I also rolled back to version 2021.16960 and that seemed to resolve the issue. I’m hoping there’s a tweak or something that I’m missing for 2022 as I’d really rather not rewrite the pipeline that produces the quilt. I’m attaching the custom matrix code and the quilt_cam.tox.

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Thanks for the report, I’m going to look into this soon.

thanks Malcolm!

I think the problem is you can’t have uniforms setup like that in Vulkan. If you want constants, just set them as constants, if you want uniforms, then you need to pass them in via the parameters. The values you are trying to set those uniforms to in the shader is getting ignored.

nice! Thanks for looking into this Malcolm. Figured it had something to do with that uniform. I think I see a path forward to getting this working with 2022.

Thanks again.

Hey Malcolm!

got it working pretty quickly after your reply. Thanks again for looking into this!


Great! The other thing to keep in mind with the new builds, is that Vulkan expects the depth range out of the projection matrix to be 0-1 after the w divide, which is different from OpenGL which was -1, 1.