[RESOLVED] DMX Addressing Issue

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a DMX controller within TD. I have utilized constant CHOPs to feed data to certain DMX channels and math CHOPs to range that data from 0-255 before going to the DMX Out CHOP. I have compiled each constant CHOP into a single UI using a parameter CHOP, this way I can adjust each light from one window. All of my lights work great individually when I load them into a standalone project but I keep running into an issue when I daisy-chain them to use them as a group. I believe this has to do with my DMX addressing, but everything seems to be in order as I have my lights addressed properly. Do I need to adjust my constant CHOP settings? Really hitting a wall here, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

There really aren’t any settings that would matter for the Constant CHOP as long as you didn’t mess with any of the defaults on the other pages.

What do you mean by “they work great individually” but not when daisy chained? Do they not work? Do they flicker or do random things? Do they do something other than what you’re expecting or wanting?

Just to check, you do have each light set to a DIFFERENT address, right? and you left enough space between each address for all the channels to fit? AKA if it’s an RGB PAR, the first light could be address 1, but the second light would be address 4 because addresses 1, 2 and 3 are taken up by the red, green and blue channels of the first light.

Sorry if that’s stating the obvious, but whatever your problem is almosty certainly does not have anything to do with the Constant CHOPs, so you would need to post more info or upload your TouchDesigner file for anyone to be able to help you further.

Hey Pete,

I actually got it figured out late last night. Basically I had set up a Constant CHOP for each individual light fixture group (in this instance I’m using 4 ADJ Pocket Spots, 2 ADJ Jolt 300s, and 2 ADJ Stinger 2s) and was trying to link all three together via a UI. I was able to do this, but when I adjusted the parameters in the UI the lights did not respond correctly. I checked each light and each different set was set to a different address with enough space in between. I ended up connecting each constant to a Merge CHOP and that fed then fed to the Dmx Out CHOP. That did the trick and its working fine now.

My goal now is to build a system that can recall certain lighting scenes and assign that to a MIDI controller. People have recommended various preset systems to solve this, but I’m thinking of utilizing an LFO CHOP, a Math CHOP, and a Null CHOP to adjust the parameters within the UI and attach these to a switch which is mapped to the MIDI controller so that I can toggle them freely. I would love some thoughts on this. Thanks!