RESOLVED: Educational version always crash

hi there,
dose anyone have same problem when your educational version always crash down after updating to the newest 2020.20625? Every time when I click “open output” in camschnapper, TD then get a crash down.
I am trying to use previous version and make a test. Any advice would be very helpful, thanks.

I dont know if it can be related but the last version of TD use Python 3.7.2 (instead of 3.5). I had some problems with camShnapper (but not crashes). Try to de-install/re-install all you Python system installation and rewrite the TD Python preferences. It worked for me.

Thanks for replying me!
I’ve tried these ways:

  1. re-install python 3.7.2 and rewrite TD python preference and use previous CamSchnappr version (2.0)
  2. re-install TD previous version (including experimental) and matched python version
  3. use non-commercial TD version
    so far all of them are still not work.

After I moved “Nahimic” out from my MSI gs65 then the problem solved.

Seems like it’s a specific problem on MSI.

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I dont spoke about it but I was also plagued by this problem on my MSI, happy to know you resolved it.

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