RESOLVED:Enable Cloning toggle when selecting multiple COMPs not updating

Mac M1 Sonoma 14.3.1 TD2023.11600

Selecting multiple COMPs and changing Enable Cloning toggle only updates for the current COMP, and not all selected ones.

Edit: See that the below is a duplicate, not the above though.
Somewhat related also: with multiple COMPs selected, drag and dropping the master clone COMP onto the Clone Master parameter only sets it for the current COMP and not all selected ones.

Thanks for the secondary case.
We’re having a look.

So I am unable to reproduce.
Are you dragging onto the node itself and selecting ‘Clone’ , or are you dragging onto the parameter dialog?

When dragging onto the node itself, it only updates the one.
When dragging onto the parameter dialog, it updates all in the selection.

This is the behavior it’s always had in the past as well.
Are you expecting both methods to update the full selection maybe?


Seems like I also cannot reproduce it. I was selecting multiple OPs and typing in the expression field by the way (referring to an iop).
But seems like FIXED: [2023.11600] `Clone Master` par update doesn't propagate to entire OP selection it is a duplicate of this issue anyway?

Yah I think the original issue is resolved, but will still will only update single nodes if using drag+drop.


It doesn’t make much sense to have one behavior when typing and another one with drag + drop, it used to work the same way before, no?

What is the rationale now?

No actually, as far as I can tell the drag and drop only updated the dropped on node in earlier builds I tested as well.
I believe this was the original intention as the user is more deliberate in their target, but it’s open to consideration of course.

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