RESOLVED: Experimental Build 33020 Instancing Translate Parameters


The instancing translate parameters do not appear to function unless another instancing parameter is specified such as scale, rotation etc.

If ONLY the translate channels are specified, no instancing will occur.

Wondering if it has anything to do with the mysterious new “instance active” parameter.

Windows 10, build 33020.


Hey Owen,

is this using a CHOP, TOP, DAT or SOP? Hadn’t come across this.


Hi Markus,

It is with a CHOP but I believe a DAT will show the same issues.
Here is a simple demonstration:
instancing_translate_bug.toe (3.9 KB)


Hm, works here:

Hmmm yeah I had a feeling I didn’t have this problem before but this is what the file ends up like on my end:


Hey, can you post your .toe file just so we have the exact same example to look at?

Hi Malcom, the .toe file is posted up on a prior comment. I just restarted my computer and am getting the same results as shown in the two pictures with the top GEO not displaying the translated instances.

Ah sorry, missed that. Can you tell me what GPU and driver version you are using? This works here for us.

Hello again,

GPU is a GTX 1070 with driver version 376.51

Driver have been updated to 441.12. Issues have been resolved!

Great, thanks for the update!

Had the same problem. Thank you!!