RESOLVED: FPS going crazy even without a single component

Hello, I am having trouble using touch designer on my late 2018 macbook pro when on windows. I installed windows using bootcamp from latest mojave OS (Windows 10 Home version 1090 OS build 18363.476) and was developing something on touch designer, animating text TOPs but I was getting a strange behavior, like on this video

I posted on touch designer discord and people called attention to the changing of the fps. When I use a trail out of the channel chop that controls the movement that looks glitchy the values are correct, there is nothing wrong with them.

Then I checked how the fps would behave if I had no components and it kept changing without apparent reason, on builds 64-bit 2019.19930 and 2019.33840 on windows. When using Mac osx the fps keeps at 60. Here is a video on windows using TD 64-bit 2019.19930, there is only td and chrome with 3 tabs opened.

Formatted and did a clean install of windows 10 using boot camp, installed the mac drivers and touch designer and it is behaving exactly the same, the fps goes crazy from the moment I open TD, even with no components at all.

Any thoughts?

The drivers for AMD on Window’s have trouble rendering our UI at high speeds.
Also when you open a 2nd window it’s expected that your FPS can drop in half, since the monitor refresh will be syncing the windows to it, so they take turns refreshing with the monitor. Different drivers/OSs behave differently for this.
All performance testing should always be done using a single window in Perform mode, no network editor. That’s the only real way to get an idea of performance without other factors coming into play.

Please go to and download current drivers for your GPU for your bootcamped mac. The ones Apple includes in teh bootcamp package are very old and will cause you problems.

This site also gives you customized GPU drivers for bootcamped macs if you have trouble getting the ones from to install.

Using a single window fps is stable. Thanks!